Steven "Stakcz" Edmonds  born on February 27th 1989 raised in Long Island New York, 1 of 3 siblings. Throughout his childhood Stakcz was raised by his grandmother after parent’s separation. Music was heavily influenced in both homes in the growing up. Since he was young he always had an interest in music but it wasn’t until Stakcz dropped out of college (CAU: Clark Atlanta University) , he began to take his craft in to the next level. Growing up in Long Island he felt he had a message and something to speak about. Being forced to be independent as a young age and feeling like he had no one to turn too; music became that person to vent, express aggression, aspirations and struggles. Due to maintaining various avenues, maintaining school and work he came up with the idea to stamp "On My Free Time" to all of his music that he created with his cousin (SirrAP) and close friend (Tay). He figured stamping "On My Free Time" to the music will secure the notion that it’s a hobby and we were doing it on our free time not thinking the response would be so positive. As time progressed, OMFT began getting good feedback and building fans which turned a once was hobby to a full on career. OMFT became a team, a lifestyle and a movement. To exploit the brand OMFT released a debut compilation mixtape with plans take the whole OMFT team and music to another level which was early 09. He later decided to name the team "OMFT".

OMFT is short for "On My Free Time" and consists of 3 solo artists: Stakczdadon, SirrAP the Don and Tay. The OMFT compilation mixtape did exactly what they had expected, builded questions, critics and fans. The stand out record on the mixtape, "Living a Dream" by StakczDaDon & SirrAP the Don (Prod By. BlackTopHero) was the song that sparked interests of the fans. Not too long after the growing feedback they released a video which is responsible for the buzz OMFT has today. This was his first original song OMFT released on the internet and sold for profits. The mixtape was a success which opened many doors for OMFT such as show openers and headlining events. OMFT began its show run starting in New Haven Connecticut ranging throughout long island and the tri-state area, where they promoted the "OMFT" brand with clothing merch, posters and cds.With the rising buzz, Stakcz and OMFT was given opportunities to open up for Nina Sky and Chris Webby As the show run began to slow down Stakcz continued to work on new music and do shows all over long island, Tri-State area and Atlanta to build a substantial anticipation for his first solo project release.



Still promoting and branding the first OMFT compilation mixtape, Stakcz had plans to release a solo project. During the process building content for 15 Minutes of Fame, Stakcz dropped a project called "The Pre-Show" to keep the fans interested until the release of "15 Minutes of Fame".

 “15 Minutes of Fame” does not have a release date as of yet but has big plans for the release. He plans to give the world his view, his life struggles and what it took to get him to that “15 Minutes of Fame”. Struggling to change his once found hobby to a carreer he stumbled upon the legendary quote from artist Andy Warhol, “In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 Minutes”. 

The quote, "in the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes" by Andy Warhol represented his life and what he's been fighting for he felt like there was no better title and them for his EP. During the recording and writing process, Tahmell invited him to California to work on his solo project. During the stay in California, he began networking with important artists and producers such as Agallah, Soul King, the Futuristiks, Black Herculeez, grammy award winning Joe Warlick and The Time’s Jesse Johnson who all helped shape the creative direction for his solo debut EP: "15 Minutes of Fame". With all those things happening in stakcz career he ran into a roadblock when his catalog and computer was stolen in California, resulting in having to create everything from scratch. Very frustrated that he lost his whole catalog along with "15 Minutes of Fame, videos etc. Beside that mishap Stakcz' stay out in Cali was very beneficial to learning and shaping his brand. Make sure everyone is on the lookout for "15 Minutes of Fame" which is coming soon, along with videos to every track and a short movie!!!!